DELISH is a fictional bakery & cafe, invented as an exploration to show my experience in environmental design, packaging, and branding. A complete brand experience was created displaying the ambiance that this fictional brand would encompass. Playful, welcoming, and timeless were the describers that revolved around DELISH. A logo was created to be used similarly to a "seal of approval" on the brands packaging and signage. A simple cupcake icon along with the organic, handwritten lettering allows the mark to balance between old and new while bringing out a whimsical yet mature reputation.

Roles : Creative Director : Designer : Art Director : Copywriter

Branding Perspective
A striking yet simple color palette creates a welcoming ambiance that isn't specific of a certain time or trend. The dark granite logomark pops against the light tones and adds weight and strength to an overall soft look.

Color Palette


Environmental Design
A classic, natural architectural look was implemented with black accents. The vast window space provides messaging opportunies, but are kept subtle and clean, allowing the interior energy to draw customers in.

A raised metal sign hangs from the corner space, welcoming patrons from both popular directions. The handcrafted sign is painted flat black and raised lettering painted white for contrast and easy readability.

Packaging and product branding

Packaging is a clean use of the brand pattern with crisp white space. Dated tags with product info is attached using a logo sticker, reconfirming the use of the mark as a "seal-of-approval".

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