CASE STUDY : Digital River
During an extended relationship working with this global ecommerce, payments and marketing services agency, branding evolution was introduced as well as countless supporting design solutions. Concepts ranged from more modern angular approaches to stylized photograhpic treatments.

Roles : Designer : Art Director : Illustrator

Global Website Communications
Continual messaging was needed for the websites' revolving needs.

Infographics, Logos, and Icons
Graphic elements to help communicate messaging and company infrastructure were created to tie elements together that spanned across differing experiences. Keeping a consistently branded look was critical, so style and color palette were locked in to brand specifications.

Marketing Communications
Client success stories, value briefs, event drop pieces and invitations are just a few of the countless marketing pieces created for the brand.

Gamers Development Conference Concepts and Branding
For their place in the popular conference, a strong identity was needed to stand out amoungst the competitors. Clean, white space popped amoung the dark environment, with Digital River's core brand colors creating a vibrant contrast.

Internet Retailers Conventions + Exhibition Branding
In addition to creating the environmental design for Digital River's space in another popular conference, supporting promotional and marketing pieces were created to continue the fast-paced message and branding.

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