an Amy Mills Design company

UNIQLOVE was a national design studio specializing in couture wedding branding for couples across the US. UNIQLOVE created individually original, professionally designed event branding and invitation suites, UNIQ to each clients personalities. The one-of-a-kind designs are never duplicated for future use, keeping them truly UNIQ to that couple alone.

Roles : Founder/Owner : Creative Director : Designer : Art Director : Copywriter : Illustrator

Branding Perspective
Because UNIQLOVE created such a range of design styles, the brand look of UNIQLOVE revolved around a clean, neutral palette which became a canvas for the personalities which the designs represented.

Color Palette

The welcoming site greets visitors with a video commercial experience, shown above. An extensive gallery displays the custom work next to the image and words of each client, offering a glimpse into the personalities that inspired the finished work.

To promote conversion, the online store was launched to give former UNIQLOVE clientele a continuing product line which would follow them through the next stages of their lives together. New home announcements, baby announcements, gifts, home decor, and more for UNIQLOVE to continue as their loyal, dependable, and beloved brand.

The online blog was implemented for international viewership and marketing. It also played a key role in allowing potential and currently UNIQLOVE to get acquainted with the personality behind UNIQLOVE, namely Amy Mills. By also teaming up with other fashion brands across the country, UNIQLOVE was able to offer promotions to spark interest from other demographics. Ad space created a trusted community of like-minded entrepreneurs with product that were innovative and trending. Videos included tutorials and "behind-the-scenes" footage of the UNIQLOVE brand and creator behind it.

Social Media
UNIQLOVE thrived in it's online media campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all spread interest and traffic as a result of very specific content based goals. Posts fell into one of four categories, creating awareness, activating engagement, promoting purchase, and supporting conversion. Through this very specific goal-driven process, social media proved to gain the momentum of UNIQLOVE more than any other advertising channel.

The UNIQLOVE YouTube Channel
The YouTube platform provided an outlet for both clients and fans far and wide to get to know the personality behind the brand. A UNIQLOVE commercial was produced and broadcast across all social media outlets. In addition to the UNIQLOVE commercial, "how-to's", "behind-the-scenes", and "a looking into the archive" videos not only promoted brand awareness, but also supported conversion and repeat business.

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